Saturday March 31 (Special Presentation)

7:00PM | SPECIAL SCREENING: “Battleship Potemkin”
A brief reception will follow the screening

Alumni Hall | University of King’s College | 6350 Coburg Road
$5 suggested donation at the door

One of the most influential films of all time screened with LIVE MUSIC!

The University of King’s College History of Science and Technology Society, Foreign Film Society, and History of Science and Technology program, as well as the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival and the Situating Science Strategic Knowledge Cluster are pleased to present a screening of the classic 1925 film by Sergei Eisenstein, Battleship Potemkin, with live musical accompaniment.

The film marks the launch of the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival occurring April 10-14 2012 and the film will be accompanied by live music provided by Halifax jazz and experimental musicians Lukas Pearse, Tim Crofts, Geordie Haley and Douglas Cameron.

A retelling of a great Russian naval mutiny and the resulting street demonstration, the film by 27 yr old Eisenstein is hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, embodying the very idea of movement and dynamism in visual arts.

“Being a ‘Master of Montage’ Potemkin gives the audience the impression of a documentary as if neo-realism had embraced Soviet cinema already in 1925” says University of King’s College assistant professor, Dr. Georgy Levit. “Potemkin is an icon of new and terrible times, of the epoch of violence and destruction. Is the geniality of this movie an excuse for its ideological message? Eisenstein doesn’t give us even a small chance for alternative views. Caught within his visual world we travel within predetermined chain of events. It is a fascinating travel.”

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